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Leftover, Cotton fabric, small squares, dark brown, 90x140cm

Leftover, Cotton fabric, small squares, dark brown, 90x140cm

4,36 GBP 3,44 GBP per 1m

incl. 16 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

Fabric Samples

How can I order fabric samples at fabric-dreams.co.uk?

After you have chosen your fabric, click on the following symbol . The selected pieces are listed up in My Fabric Samples on the right.To finish the order, please click on the icon and follow the given instructions.

How much is the shipping of fabric samples?

We ship up to 3 fabric samples per month free of charge. Every additional sample will be charged with 0,65 GBP per piece.
We will cover the shipping costs!

How do I have to pay the fabric samples if I ordered more than the free ones?

The payment of fabric samples is only possible via advanced payment (bank transfer). On the other hand you can also pay via paypal.
Our paypal-email address is mail@stoffe-zanderino.de
Please don`t forget to indicate the sample order number (MUSTER-2013...)

Is it possible to ship the fabric samples together with my ordered goods?

No, unfortunately we have two different departments that care separately about the shipment of goods and fabric samples.

Do I have to have a registered account at fabric-dreams.co.uk to order my first fabric samples?

No, if you are a new customer you don’t have to get registered for the sample order. In this case we only need your postal address.

How long is the delivery time of free fabric samples?

Due to the high demand of free fabric samples the delivery can take up to 10 days. However, we make every effort to process your order as quickly as possible!

How long is the delivery time of fabric samples?

Samples to be paid for will normally be sent within 3-4 working days.

Is it possible to order samples out of your whole fabric assortment?

No, we don’t offer samples of packaged goods such as curtains, rolls of  tulle and foam plates.

What happens if I accidentally order a unavailable sample and already paid it via advanced payment?

In this case we will refund the paid fabric sample in form of a stamp.